Saturday, September 30, 2006

E corre corre...

Just a Friday a common Friday in a night out reserved to uncommon people. Important note: strict dress code required, no exception. The weather pretty generous with the night and some stars greating the happy crowd. You are there after the show smoking maybe the last cigarette of the night because your life has been a big maybe so far...maybe is in the place where you are in and in the sweet memories of your past when the enthusiams was runnig through your veins faster than the wind...chasing every possible chance to fly away from a mediocre present...looking forward to feeling that sensation again...the only sensation which has had a powerful effect on your entire life and you know exactly what it meant to you that day when you walked far away from that door with your heart completely cold, preserving itself from breaking down...and avoid sleeping to say hello to the dawn ready to start again...and find yourself on a common Friday listening to some bizzarre words from a strange place you have forgotten to exist...and here is again, written in the User Agreement created by destiny, what you have always carried and hidden sometimes to preserve from whoever was there just to have a look...and now, now you are there born again and happy to dance under a cloudy sky before fall asleep close to the sweetest eyes you have ever met: it is now and it is just up to you and this time you will not miss is written in the User Agreement

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